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High-Performance Ceramic Coatings 

Proven over the years surface protection products


STEK Formula Quartz | Warrantied Professional Paint & Film Ceramic Coating

STEK Formula Quartz  only available for purchase by qualified professional businesses ONLY

STEK Formula Quartz is a premium ceramic coating designed to keep your vehicles painted surface protected from environmental contaminants, while enhancing your paints color and gloss. STEK Quartz uses high-quality raw materials to ensure glass like clarity, a rich darkening effect to create deep gloss, and sharp reflections, as well as incredible water beading and self-cleaning. 

Quartz is designed to penetrate directly into your vehicles clear coat, and specifically into the top-coat of STEK paint protection films, this ensures the strongest long-term bond and performance. Formula Quartz is compatible for use with STEK paint protection films, paint, glass, wheels, and even trim!

What Are Ceramic Coatings ?

A ceramic coating is a mixture of nanostructured silanes and siloxanes that when hand-applied, chemically bond to the paint or glass. Ceramic coatings protect the surface from chemical and UV degradation as well as offering a level of scratch resistance and hydrophobic effect​.


Interior protection 

 From Gtechniq, we have a number of multi-purpose, fabric, and leather cleaners and coatings that are perfect for providing car interior protection.

Our Tri-Clean kills 99.9% of bacteria and ensures that all of the interior surfaces of your car remain hygienic and fresh, reducing the number of microbes and eliminating odours. It is one of the best interior car cleaning products to breathe fresh life into the inside of your vehicle. 

We have leather and fabric coatings that offer excellent protection against abrasion, UV rays, and discolouration. 

Ceramic Coating Packages

Lifetime Warranty

Full Paint Correction

4 Layers of coating on painted panels and trim

2 Layer on Wheels and Calipers

2 Layers on Windshield and Glass


8 Year warranty

Full Paint Correction

2 Layers of coating on painted panels and trim

1 Layer on Wheels and Calipers

2  Layers on Windshield and Glass


5 year warranty

Full Paint Correction 

1 Layer of coating on painted panels and trim

1 Layer on wheels and calipers

1 Layer on Windshield


4 year warranty

1 Step Polish

1 Layer of coating on painted panels and trim

1 Layer on Windshield and Glass


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